Armarouge ex Premium Collection (Personal Break)

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In this personal break, you will receive 1 Armarouge ex Premium Collection box.

The Pokémon TCG: Scarlet & Violet—Armarouge ex Collection box includes:

  • 1 etched foil promo card featuring Armarouge ex.

  • 2 foil promo cards featuring Charcadet and Ceruledge.
  • 6 Pokémon TCG booster packs.

  • 1 magnetic card protector with display base.

  • 65 card sleeves featuring Armarouge and Ceruledge.

     A personal break is when you purchase a physical pack(s) to be opened by me, live on stream for you to watch! 

    Out of your packs you get to keep all the holos, reverse holos, rares and ultra rares (all the good stuff). We will keep the commons/uncommons and codes from each pack by default, but if you have any requests for a couple cards to be added ask during the stream. I always try to accommodate. 

    I will hold on to all of your cards until you select 'Ship My Stuff' up to 60 days if you do not your purchase is forfeit. To ship pay a flat $5 or 10 fee for shipping in USA! price outside USA will vary. I always throw in an extra goodie when shipping multiple break orders :)

    Upon completion of purchase, you agree that you have read and understand this listing.  You also agree and understand there are no returns and/or refunds once the break has started.

    Please ask me any questions you may have before completing a purchase!