2023 Kakawow Phantom Star Wars BOX (Personal Break)

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In this personal break, you will receive 1 box!

Each sealed box contains 10 packs, each pack has 5 cards.

Fully Licensed product. Each Box has 4 Hits to include Serial Numbered Cards, Die-Cut, Final Frames, May the Force be With You, and Anniversary World Stamp. Case hits include Script Art, Green /20, Gold /10 and Black 1/1 cards! 

 A personal break is when you purchase a physical pack(s) to be opened by me, live on stream for you to watch! 

you get to keep all cards!

I will hold on to all of your cards until you select 'Ship My Stuff' up to 60 days if you do not your purchase is forfeit. To ship pay a flat $5 or 10 fee for shipping in USA! price outside USA will vary. I always throw in an extra goodie when shipping multiple break orders :)

Upon completion of purchase, you agree that you have read and understand this listing.  You also agree and understand there are no returns and/or refunds once the break has started.

Please ask me any questions you may have before completing a purchase!